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Canine Assisted activity programs

We offer a variety of canine assisted activity (CAA) programs both virtually and face to face to enable young people with additional needs to wonderful benefits canine assisted activities can provide. Our canine assisted activity programs are open to young people with additional and alternative needs or disabilities (SEND), who are recovering from trauma or who identify as LGBTQ+. We DO NOT require a diagnosis or proof of need to access these programs, if you believe your child (or grandchild, foster child etc) will benefit from these sessions then they're very welcome. For young people accessing the face to face CAA programs in Nottingham, they don't even need to own a dog. 

As a non profit organisation we keep our costs as low as we can. Many clients use their 'short breaks' funding towards our session. disability specific charities may also be able to provide funding towards our canine assisted activity sessions.

Virtual canine assisted activity programs

  • Our communication centred canine assisted activity sessions run on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 10.30am till 11.15am and are held on zoom. These sessions are designed for young people with no or limited verbal communication skills. We use picture cards and basic signs to promote communication. We also incorporate high or low tech AAC which has been recommended by the young persons speech therapist including ETRAN frames, eye gaze or switches. The main aim of this session is to create confidence around communication in a fun and non demanding way which is enjoyable for both young person and dog. £5 per household per class.
  • Our sensory and emotion canine assisted activity program runs as a 3 week block, three times per year. In this program we teach the family 18 activities which promote sensory exploration and emotional awareness and regulation. This program aim to give you a 'tool box' of activities to use regularly with the young person. This program contains some activities which maybe beneficial to use when the young person is experience mild to moderate emotional distress including deep and light pressure therapy and tactile stimulation as well as exercises which should be used when the young person is feeling positive and receptive to learning. £25 per household for the whole course.

In person canine assisted activity programs - Nottingham

  • Our physical skills canine assisted activity sessions run monthly in Nottingham (dates tbc, currently paused due to Covid 19 pandemic). These sessions focus on practicing fine and gross motor skills for young people with any physical disability, mild to severe/profound fine or gross motor skill difficulty or developmental delay. We run a variety of engaging games and activities for the young people to access while incorporating the individual mobility equipment and program recommended by the young persons OT and/or physio therapists. £7.50 per household per session.
  • Our social canine assisted activity program runs monthly in Nottingham and is open to autistic girls & girls with generalised or social anxiety or selective mutism who are aged  5 to 16 years old. Our social canine assisted activities a variety of canine themed station which young people can move around at their will followed by one structured group activity at the end of the session. £5 per household per session.

Want to join a canine assisted activity session?

All of our canine assisted activity sessions can be booked through our events page. If you've not joined a canine assisted activity session before please could you provide details of the young persons needs upon application so we can ensure we tailor the session to their needs. 

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