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Holly & Mylo

This amazing bubbly floofball, Mylo, is a very special dog with a very important job, helping Holly. Holly has a disability called muscular dystrophy which means she is a permanent wheelchair user and has limited mobility in her arms which makes doing everyday tasks challenging. Holly used to have to highly depend on the people around her to do things which had a big impact on her independence.

Now Holly has Mylo life is very different. Mylo is now able to do loads of physical assistance tasks for Holly including:
• unloading the washing machine
• Opening cupboards
• Picking drops items off the floor
• Fetching items
• Putting rubbish in the bin
• Taking an item from holly to someone else
• Helping with dressing
• Pressing buttons & switches

All of these tasks help Holly live more independently and have practically made a lot of difference, but that isn’t all Mylo does. The emotional support and confidence he gives Holly is huge. Just being with Holly has a big impact but when Holly is starting to feel overwhelmed, she also asks Mylo to give deep pressure therapy which helps to draw her focus from what’s going on around them onto Mylo and the pressure has a calming effect. 

Mylo is Holly’s dog for life. At Pawsitive Squad we are really passionate about people training their own assistance dogs so we do not provide them instead we train our clients how to train their own dogs. For customers like Holly this is really important. Training Mylo herself has given Holly something really positive to do and focus on, which has especially been important during shielding. Training Mylo has also helped her realise just how much she can do.

Holly said "After having a really rough time with my physical and mental health over a long period of time through school, getting Mylo and having the focus of training him in a fun and positive way with Pawsitive Squad has meant that as me and Mylo have grown, we have grown as a team. He keeps me calm and supports me physically helping me gain confidence i never thought I had in me. I've made loads of friends which I struggled with before as he has opened both physical and social doors. He's my doodle dufus and I am ever so grateful of both him and the loving support from the Pawsitive team."

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