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Looking for a new dog....

What to look for...

  • Look for dogs bred within a home environment surrounded by all the noise and busy-ness of every day life. Dogs who are bred in an outhouse or kennels are far more likely to be anxious. 
  • They should be interested in your family, ask questions about children, other pets etc. This is especially important to look for if you're getting a puppy from working lines.
  • They should have a puppy neurostimulation or socialisation plan, socialisation within the home for puppies age 4-8 weeks is really important, within this time puppies should be exposed to lots of different objects and given the opportunity to interact with them or not as the puppy chooses.
  • Should have health checked including hip & elbow scores and sight & hearing tests - both the mum and dad before breeding them and be able to evidence this.
  • Look at why they breed - professional breeders aren't always the best, if a breeder is overbreeding or their primary focus on breeding their dog is money then they're not going to be having great litters. You want to look for dogs which have been bred for good health and exceptional temperament. 
  • Look for a breeder who only have one litter of puppies at once (or at absolutely max 2). Raising a premium litter of puppies takes a huge amount of work. More than 2 litters at the same time would suggest the breeder may not be fully invested in the litters. 
  • Look at the mum, she should have a fantastic temperament and look well cared for and clearly bonded to her pups and the breeder. 
  • Both parents should be over 2 years old
  • They must not be willing to let their puppies go before 8 weeks of age. 
  • Should have a puppy contract automatically or at the very least be willing to use one. This should state the puppy can be returned if need be. A good breeder should be willing to take puppy back.
  • Should be training puppies & mum with solely positive techniques.

Things to avoid

  • Puppies advertised in places like gumtree or outside supermarkets. 
  • Not being willing to give the contact details and information about the puppies dad
  • Not showing mum or mum looking scared, aggressive or 
  • Making guarantees on behaviours - if the breeder promises your dogs going to be great with children or never bite or be a successful assistance dog then walk away. they can't guarantee those things and a good breeder will know that BUT it is ok if they make guarentees on genetics which are backed up by health testing results. 

Where to find your breeder

  • ask a vet or local reputable dog trainer 
  • visit a relevant dog show - if you're interested in a doodle (poodle cross breed) then somewhere like doodle fest is a great place to meet dog owners, speak to companies who work with doodles and find out who the reputable breeders are from the experts. 
  • word of mouth 

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you DO NOT look for a puppy on preloved, gumtree etc. 

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