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Therapeutic pets program

If your child have social, emotional, sensory or behavioural difficulties then this program is for you!

The aim of this program is to give a facilitator (parent or carer),  young person and dog a 'tool box' of canine assisted  activities which can be used to support the young persons needs around the home to explore emotional awareness and regulation, exploring our senses and the different sounds, sights, smells, textures in our world, your own movement and place within our world in a gentle, non direct & canine centered way.

The virtual training sessions are structed to be as inclusive as possible, including using power point with PECS, 

Membership contents & fees

The therapeutic pets program is a 12 month program which costs £15 per month OR £165 one off payment (1 month free) and includes:

  • Access to 1 virtual assistive support task per month covering: deep pressure therapy, head rest/ light pressure, find lost or hiding young person, alert to early distress behaviours. There are 2 dates per month to choose from.
  • 3 virtual canine assisted activity sessions on one Sunday per month.

Eligibility Criteria

The therapeutic pets program is open to 3 to 16 year olds with a social, emotional, sensory or behaviour difficulty recognised by health or education professional's - no diagnosis required. 16 - 25 year old's who meet 3 of our high care & support needs criteria are also eligible for this program, the 16+ eligibility criteria can be found here. You must own a dog for this program which is friendly with the young person.

Ready to apply?

We accept applications all year round accept in November (to start in December). To apply, please complete the application form below and email it to pawsitivesquad@gmail.com. Applications recieved by the 25th of the month can start from the 1st of the next month, subject to payment being received by midnight on the last date of the month. Applications made after the 25th, will be processed to begin in 2 months (eg, If you apply on the 20th of August, payment must be made before midnight on the 31st of August & you join the program on the 1st of September. If you apply on the 27th of February you will be able to start on the 1st of April). 

Please click here to download the application form.

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